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Import of newer Polar devices via TrainingLabPro and external v800_downloader application

(Note1: the whole device communication is handled by the v800_downloader application.
This plugin is in alpha state phase and will probably always remain in alpha stage because the whole device communication/handling is done by an external app.
Therefore I will likely not be able to finetune anything if things aren't going well, so this plugin works as it is!)
The import of V800 and M400 devices via USB cable have been tested with this plugin and it seems to work.

  • Initially: Please download the latest TrainingLabPro version (must be >= 7.21) from our server and call the setup to install the TrainingLabPro application on your PC:
    TrainingLab Pro Download
  • You must install the TrainingLab Pro PolarV800 Import plugin too:
    TrainingLab Pro Plugins
  • And of course you must install the v800_downloader app at least:
    v800_downloader Download
v800_downloader offers several output formats -> if v800_downloader generates:

Step 1: Check if the V800 import plugin was able to find the needed v800_downloader application
(To do this open the Polar V800 Import plugin preferences dialog and take a look -> the path fields must contain valied paths)

Step 2: Open Import Dialog and select Polar V800 import

Some notes will be shown the first time you're using this import plugin
(Note: enable the 'do not show again' checkbox if you don't want to see this message again)

Step 3: Select the files (sessions/activities) to import

Step 4: Press the 'Download Sessions' button

Step 5: Finally v800_downloader should show a short summary

Step6: After v800_downloader handled the device communication stuff TrainingLab Pro should take control again and import the activities