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Inserting/assigning SRTM altitude values

(Note: most current sport/bike computer are GPS based devices and support altitude values.
So normally there is no need for adding altitude values because the recorded activities have them already embedded.
But sometimes GPS based data do not contain any altitude values - mostly activities recorded by older devices - or the altitude could be very inaccurate - mostly recorded by GPS based devices without any barometer functionality - so that it could be necessary to rebuild the altitude data points.)

TrainingLab Pro can do this work for you. Here we explain how it works...

Step 1: Call the rawdata dialog.
Click the altitude icon at the toolbar and select 'Assign altitude values' menu point

This will open a sort of empty altitude preview dialog.

Step 2: Click the 'Assign SRTM elevation' button.
(Note: if you have used this dialog and stored SRTM values before, altitude values will be assigned immediately, otherwise a special download dialog will be opened (see step 3, otherwise skip step 3 and goto step 4).

Step 3: Press the 'Download all' button
(now the needed SRTM data files will be downloaded from the internet)

Step 4: Press the 'Assign' button
(SRTM altitude values will be assigned/inserted -> the altitude data points will either be (re)assigned or overwritten!)